The Anatomy Of An Effective Twitter Ad

Launched in 2007, Twitter came with big promises for the world of social media. It wanted to change the world. Today, the 140-character platform has changed how people have conversations on social media, how they respond to global events, and how they communicate their brand. According to social media examiner’s 2017 trend report, 82% of marketers are puttingContinue reading “The Anatomy Of An Effective Twitter Ad”

5 Twitter Tricks Only Power Users Know

Step-by-step breakdown of each one of them so that you can become a power user too #1. Branding every link you post on Twitter (and everywhere else) [Update: Start A Fire has stopped their services. Another great option to do this is] Tweets of a majority of brands, media publications and individuals redirect people to anContinue reading “5 Twitter Tricks Only Power Users Know”