Love is madness


We haven’t really understood love. It’s sometime a weird feeling that keeps you up at night or sometimes a rainbow colored door that opens up world of joy.

We don’t have it figured out. It’s erratic. It’s irrational. It’s there one moment and at the other, we don’t feel its presence. Love is complicated. It’s invisible and it’s chaotic.

Love is madness.

People who are in love are mad — they know about uncertainties but risk their lives for one person , that one human who they believe in whose reality they will find a home.

And these people are insane. They don’t have it figured out, yet, they love. They perish, but they believe. What is it? What’s the law of love? Why haven’t we figured it out yet?

Because maybe we aren’t supposed to. Maybe some things aren’t meant for discovery but only for an act of journeying through the chaos they are. Love is living each day with our demons and sometimes, falling in love with them.