Into the wildTonight the moments are slow. I can sense each of them breathing beside me as if they don’t want to say a single word and just engulf within me for one last time before I close my eyes. The moments speak of trouble, they speak of happiness, they tell me how unethical my approach was when I was dealing with failure today and then how resting in my mother’s lap while she slowly played with my hair as if it was a little ball of fur tagged itself in the best moments of the day. These moments, these tiny reflections of who I am on a daily basis are my becoming.

I am getting shaped. The moments that pass are molding me into what one terms as Human and I am living what everyone struggles to live – Life. I face ignorance from loved ones, I face failures, my goals get foggy and I can’t feel my legs sometimes. But this is my life and I am trying to live it. Because, I got only one just like you. All these bad patches are soon to be gone. I believe in what they ask people to be when they are in trouble – “Be patient”. Patience is not a word that asks you to hold back but it’s a term that tells you that life is fragile. Bad things happen and the only way to overpower them is to remain calm and live. You should know what’s important and neglect what’s not.

Like, I can’t wait to reach out to a point where all I see is a clear blue sky from Mt. Everest. I can’t wait to live a day outside my country with my parents. I can’t wait to tell the world that peace has its place and we should dutifully give it the throne. And then I have wishes and I have dreams.

And these moments, these tiny reflections of who I am on a daily basis are my becoming!