Love from unlikely places.


and what to do when it keeps coming.

there are some people you love but you don’t want to admit to it.

because that’s not what you had decided.
because that’s not what you had anticipated.
because you thought life is linear; that it has a straight route to the things and people you fall in love with.

because you are the sailor of your life, because every time in the past you have been hit by a storm, it is you who has had the control.

but there are times you are not the sailor.
because in these times you are the ship.

and you have been hit.
but you don’t believe it or say .. want to believe that it has happened to you.
because you never asked for it. because you never looked for love.
because you never expected love to come in this form; from this person.
but it did.

and it will keep coming.
because love is all about bumping into that whimsical wind that takes your boat by surprise; the one that stirs your being in a direction that is unknown but one that will always lead you home.