One of the most important things we should do before taking a job is to define clear expectations.

Often, the end picture is blurry for individuals on both ends of the spectrum — and this becomes a perfect recipe for misunderstanding and chaos.

Humans are wired to over-promise. You take up a project wanting to shoot for the moon — no matter if you haven’t still figured out where you will get the fuel from.

Why? Because it feels good. The feeling of achieving an ideal target is a state of bliss. But unfortunately, moment driven passion & emotion always get the better of us and don’t necessarily project reality.

What can we do combat this?

Set the right expectations. Under-promise; over-deliver.



It’s taking my time.

Backspace. Delete. Words. Sen…Backspace. Delete.

I am in a very active state of mind right now. Words are flowing out of the shell but I am constantly rubbing them on the floor. Backspace has been hit so much that I can see my fingerprints on it. Or wait. Is it just me “noticing” that I am using backspace more than ever? Well, whatever maybe the case I am executing my goal and so far so good. Now, I am almost on the verge of completing a paragraph and it’s a pretty insane feeling.

And I think I did well.