Stop Getting Inspired


Charles Bukowski echoed with passion his stance on the “environment” we need to “create”. He said:

baby, air and light and time and space have nothing to do with it

and don’t create anything

except maybe a longer life to find

new excuses


In this information age, there are limitless lessons available to us. We read articles about “How a 21-year-old championed success”, “23 year old is on her next big invention”. The internet is full of this shit.

In these, we seek inspiration. What for? To move us, to enlighten us, to guide us on the “right” path to success. Here’s the truth:

All that inspiration is nothing but entertainment.

When you don’t act, when you don’t go out in the sun and stand tall against failure, all that inspiration becomes a fucking entertainment piece.

When you don’t travel to a place you have always wanted to because a content piece was able to please your hunger, all that inspiration to travel becomes virtual tourism. And what good is that?

In 2017, stop getting inspired.

Assemble your shit, travel and create something of value. Don’t wait for it.


The New Way To Apologise


A profound lesson I learnt recently

We apologise a lot.

Saying “I am sorry” is second nature to most of us who think that it’s a polite way to make put things in order.

Wrong. It’s not.

So instead, try “Thank you”.

Next time when you are late, don’t say “I am sorry for being late”, instead say “Thank you for being patient.”

Say “Thank for listening” instead of “Sorry for the trouble”

Say “Thank you for your time” instead of “Sorry, I hope I did not disturb you”

When you say “Thank you”, you let the world focus on a positive sentiment. And it needs more of it.

Thank you for reading.