The Anatomy Of An Effective Twitter Ad

Launched in 2007, Twitter came with big promises for the world of social media. It wanted to change the world. Today, the 140-character platform has changed how people have conversations on social media, how they respond to global events, and how they communicate their brand. According to social media examiner’s 2017 trend report, 82% of marketers are puttingContinue reading “The Anatomy Of An Effective Twitter Ad”

The Road to More Intelligent Lead Generation with Email

Source: Mailigen (Where this article first appeared) Ask a marketer to list their priorities in 2017 and most of them would put driving traffic and lead generation at the top. Hubspot’s State of Inbound report reveals just that with more than 60% of them listing generating traffic and leads as their top priorities in all regions.Continue reading “The Road to More Intelligent Lead Generation with Email”

The Beginner’s Guide To Drip Marketing

Source: Unsplash Amidst a giant social media landscape, e-mail marketing still reigns supreme when it comes to closing prospects into paying customers. But, how has email survived for so long? And why is it effective? The answer is in the three value driving features of email: it is personal, cost effective, and drives high returnContinue reading “The Beginner’s Guide To Drip Marketing”

People Can Sense Bullshit In Your Marketing

Here’s a fact: People have an inbuilt bullshit detector. It is special. One of its ability is to sense crappy stuff and drop alerts. If your marketing is based on figures, promises, and expectations that are borderline false, it will get activated and your business is going to suffer. What can you do? You canContinue reading “People Can Sense Bullshit In Your Marketing”