The Pink City Project


A city that taught me that the ideology of “shut up and book tickets” works!

Jaipur — the magnificent pink city — showers its architectural beauty in ways that can speak to the coldest of hearts.

The extremely beautiful Jaigarh Fort.

We talk a lot about traveling to places unknown, exploring the breadth & depths of our country and its culture and more XYZ bullshit. I love traveling. It connects me to a higher space and puts me in places that challenge my comfort zone.

A lot of these years, I wished I traveled more. I day-dreamed of sitting on a mountain and reading The Untethered Soul or The Importance of Being Earnest. I also imagined myself exploring street art more often (part of which I do) and reading more books (I am getting started on this one).

But wait, travel. Yes. Travel is what is immediate to me. So, one of my resolutions this year is “shut up and book tickets”.

So in a fine evening of December last year, I shut the fuck up and booked tickets to Jaipur — the pink city. I planned to attend Jaipur Literature Festival — which by the way was fucking awesome — and visit forts.

Some people crave art and the way it plays with our senses. There are many cities in India that are known for art, crafts & architecture — but none of them capture their essence in the serene way the Pink City does.

A friend capturing Jaipurs’ essence.

Jaipur is a treat to eyes. It’s a city that bustles with knowledge and forms of art so rural & pure that one gets transfixed by their beauty instantly.

Jaipur puts art in places we least expect it to be.

The majestic Hawa Mahal!

I have worked in Jaipur for a while but never had the chance to truly breathe the artistic air that fills it.

Mesmerized & transfixed, I only wished for a world where art & travel gets celebrated everyday, every moment.

Most of all, I am glad I shut the fuck up and showed up to travel!

What beauty — JLF & Jaipur!