New Year Resolutions


Why you shouldn’t take any

By December 2015, I was averaging close to 2 books/week. I was on a reading marathon and was loving every part of it. Upon 2016’s arrival, I took a resolution of reading 50 books by end of the year. At that point in time, I felt I was underestimating my ability to read given my reading rate was 2x.

50 books? Should be a cake walk at the pace I am going!

By the end of 2016, I have read 3 books. The silver lining? I read tonnes on medium, pocket and feedly.

I have made lots of new year resolutions in the past. Try gym? Check. Read 100 books? Check. Ship 3 blogs every week? Check. Maintain a daily journal? Check. I have also failed at all of them terribly.

The excitement peaks on January 1 and from there’s it’s a straight downhill only to realize what a waste of time this “My new year resolution” exercise has been.

Depending on the calendar to improve your life is stupid at best. If you want to get shit done in 2017, don’t wait for January 1. Improve when it’s the time to improve and the time can be any day you aren’t happy with your current state.

On Expectations


One of the most important things we should do before taking a job is to define clear expectations.

Often, the end picture is blurry for individuals on both ends of the spectrum — and this becomes a perfect recipe for misunderstanding and chaos.

Humans are wired to over-promise. You take up a project wanting to shoot for the moon — no matter if you haven’t still figured out where you will get the fuel from.

Why? Because it feels good. The feeling of achieving an ideal target is a state of bliss. But unfortunately, moment driven passion & emotion always get the better of us and don’t necessarily project reality.

What can we do to combat this?

Set the right expectations. Under-promise; over-deliver.

Stop Getting Inspired


Charles Bukowski echoed with passion his stance on the “environment” we need to “create”. He said:

baby, air and light and time and space have nothing to do with it

and don’t create anything

except maybe a longer life to find

new excuses


In this information age, there are limitless lessons available to us. We read articles about “How a 21-year-old championed success”, “23 year old is on her next big invention”. The internet is full of this shit.

In these, we seek inspiration. What for? To move us, to enlighten us, to guide us on the “right” path to success. Here’s the truth:

All that inspiration is nothing but entertainment.

When you don’t act, when you don’t go out in the sun and stand tall against failure, all that inspiration becomes a fucking entertainment piece.

When you don’t travel to a place you have always wanted to because a content piece was able to please your hunger, all that inspiration to travel becomes virtual tourism. And what good is that?

In 2017, stop getting inspired.

Assemble your shit, travel and create something of value. Don’t wait for it.



It’s taking my time.

Backspace. Delete. Words. Sen…Backspace. Delete.

I am in a very active state of mind right now. Words are flowing out of the shell but I am constantly rubbing them on the floor. Backspace has been hit so much that I can see my fingerprints on it. Or wait. Is it just me “noticing” that I am using backspace more than ever? Well, whatever maybe the case I am executing my goal and so far so good. Now, I am almost on the verge of completing a paragraph and it’s a pretty insane feeling.

And I think I did well.