Shut up and book tickets.


DSC_0414We all have gone through that pre-travel phase that’s embarked with curiosity levels that rise up and down exponentially with each POA element getting checked and crossed. The first day is always the best. Engulfed with surplus curiosity, our hearts tend to forget everything that’s moving beside us and we move into the world of Daydream Traveling. Happiness rises and so does anticipation. These are followed by Google searches, tourism site visits, economic fare check on travel sites and various blog readings that answer questions like Why you should travel young? and why you should date a guy who travels and buzz feed articles that tell you about 27 places to visit before you die. This results into a strong endorphin flow in the body that pump us up and sets us for a journey. We are ready to Explore. Dream. Discover. and have no regrets.

Famous author Sir Mark Twain once said,

” Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

We all have our reasons to travel and we make full-proof plans to accomplish them. Almost everyone loves to set sail. When people move they realize how small there problems are, how huge and astonishing the world is, and how equally amazing are the people that live in it. And then there are plans. I have friends who have plans to visit every single country and they are quite serious about it. But frankly, I doubt it. Not because I don’t believe in their pockets or their ability to wander but because they are just “planning” and planning is fatal to travelers. Planners are tourists, travelers are adventurers. 

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of pre-planning a travel. I feel it completely destroys the motive of motion which is to rediscover, explore and seek experiences. When we plan we put limits to what we can do and what we can achieve. What if you already knew what restaurants you are going to visit? What if you already knew what food you’ll be eating, what people you’ll be meeting, what places you’ll be exploring, and what you’ll be doing at each point of time while you are out. Well frankly, it’s stupid. In life, we are already so restricted with our daily routine that we hardly breathe. We have a fixed time for shitting, a fixed time for waking up, sleeping, talking on phone, meeting friends, working etc. Hence, agenda setting for a travel is the worst thing you can do in the whole wide world.

There’s this epic line that sums up every travel plan and puts it into dustbin: “But, I need to… and I don’t have time”. And bang. Everything dies off. All endorphin recede back and we are left with a feeling of disgust. “I’ll never be able to travel. There is so much work”- this is one of the most common lines we hear. If you know, there’s never going to be the right time to travel. There’s never going to be any planning that’s going to take you to discover and explore. If you want to travel then you will have to make time. It’s that simple. Someone rightly said this amazing sentence:”Remember, all the things you wanted to do in life but thought you never had time?  Go do them.

Plain and simple. For the essence of a travel, you need to make time. You’ll never be this young again and you’ll never have enough resources as you have now. Everything will recede with time. So don’t wait for the right time to make travel happen.


If you really want to travel, shut up and book tickets.