It’s almost here!

The examination flight is arriving on 27th Nov. I am slightly scared about how I am going to receive the shock because I am very sure that the judgement day is going to be handled extemporaneously. Though, preparation phase is in execution and the flame is strong (at least of the thought that graduation matters) but I majorly doubt the intensity of it. The concentration technique on the course material is not really working because this – fuckerova university examination- is undoubtedly sucking the life out of me and how!

In the last few days, my productivity level has decreased exponentially like a sudden economic crisis. Procrastination seems to be a major occupant of the daily routine, sleep cycle has had a 180 degree flip, food intake is on the summit and with the amount of sleep my body is receiving, I might soon become an unproductive-inefficient-insomniac-fatso.

But while all this shit is taking place, the only bright side of life is that I am sticking to the daily schedule of reading. Since even being in periphery of a paperback is haunting me (exams do that) I am fighting back by reading online. Some of the websites like Litemind, Cracked and Youtube channels like MentalFloss, BigThink, Vsauce, Numberphile, CrashCourse etc are insane in content and detailing and they help a lot. These resources can set any sapiosexual’s mood to fun right away. They also provide an amazing learning opportunity if one can form a mind map or a mental palace of all the information by let’s say designing a room named “Sapio’s dorm” in the palace and visiting it once in a while.

I would have written more but I am lazy and sleepy but since this is a public blog, I’ll leave some inspiration in my last sentence. This inspiration is more of a random realization while a rigorous retrospection that happened a few days back.

It says: No matter what phase we’re in or state of mind or situation, there’s always a chance to learn. Only question is, are we resilient enough? And. Not sleepy?