You won’t expect and it’ll flip 180 degree. Such is life.

Just an year back, I was a regular guy with dreams, aspirations, passion written all over my desktop wallpaper. That was a time when I was fooling around with friends more than I was investing in books or so to say anything informative.

Though, the theories of time management and maintaining to-do lists that consisted of properly prioritized, purpose oriented, clearly defined sets of task and all that management jargon used to tick me and I did find time for them. It used to tick me whenever I used to think that an opportunity will knock my door and provide me a platform to put all this theory to use and that I’ll club it with my altruistic personality and make a dent in the universe. I wanted it to happen one day. I wanted it to happen soon. But a little did I know, that soon had a date: 11th September 2012.

With hindsight I remember, I woke up to the chirp of birds that day. Not much has changed in this context I suppose because I have the same alarm ringtone currently as well. Still that day was a little different than the rest. I had two assignments to prepare and I was awaiting the result of fellowship. With no hopes in the basket for both the things, the day covered a constant wavelength of boredom. I got back from college and turned on my PC for a regular dose of visual information intake. And then the magic happened. 

I have a very vivid memory of it. At 7 P.M. sharp the regional director of Make A Difference called me up and told me that I was recruited for their fellowship program. I could feel her words “Congratulations, you’re the new PR fellow” move down my esophagus slowly and robustly into my stomach to create a state of panic inside it. It was such a surreal moment, such a magical situation that I Drawing Competition 2ran out of my house in underpants. The beauty of that moment was that the it was there to stay.

And It did stay to flip my life 180 degree