People Can Sense Bullshit In Your Marketing


Here’s a fact: People have an inbuilt bullshit detector.

It is special. One of its ability is to sense crappy stuff and drop alerts. If your marketing is based on figures, promises, and expectations that are borderline false, it will get activated and your business is going to suffer.

What can you do? You can delay the death of your product by sugarcoating it with fancy copy, a $200 infographic, or a quick 20 second video.

But will it help? Nope.

Is there a way you can stop it from dying? Yes.

What is it? Authenticity.

In this age of social media and an ever evolving digital playground, it is now more important than ever to practice authenticity. No amount of advertising or content marketing is going to save your business if your marketing isn’t authentic.

You can dumb down your content for likes, comments, and shares. You can buy followers at unbelievably cheap rates. You can create first draft campaigns and rob people of their attention. Eventually, you can go around an shout out that “We have 100,000 fans on Facebook!”

So what?

These are nothing but vanity metrics. What they will give you is a good ego boost and zero business.

Loyal following takes patience, efforts, and skills. It is not an overnight game. Never. It is not about who has more “fans” but about who is more authentic.

“People don’t buy what you do but why you do it” — Simon Sinek

So, stop being gimmicky. Hire people who can genuinely understand your audience and are willing to market with authenticity.

Cheap marketing tactics will take you from point A to point B but they won’t get you business. In fact, they will only hurt you in the long run. Hence, it is also important to not promise what you can’t deliver. What you can and should do is under-promise and over-deliver.

Always remember: people can sense bullshit. And when they do, no “campaign” or marketing “tactic” can help you recover.

Honest marketing is scarce but it is damn beautiful. Here’s to more of it.