On New Year Resolutions And Why you Should Skip Them


By December 2015, I was averaging close to 2 books/week. I was on a reading marathon and was loving every part of it. Upon 2016’s arrival, I took a resolution of reading 50 books by end of the year. At that point in time, I felt I was underestimating my ability to read given my reading rate was 2x.

50 books? Should be a cake walk at the pace I am going!

By the end of 2016, I have read 3 books. The silver lining? I read tons on medium, pocket, and feedly.

I have made lots of new year resolutions in the past. Try gym? Check. Read 100 books? Check. Ship 3 blogs every week? Check. Maintain a daily journal? Check. I have also failed at all of them terribly.

The excitement peaks on January 1 and from there’s it’s a straight downhill only to realize what a waste of time this “My new year resolution” exercise has been.

Depending on the calendar to improve your life is stupid at best. If you want to get shit done in 2017, don’t wait for January 1. Improve when it’s the time to improve and the time can be any day you aren’t happy with your current state.

Shut up and book tickets.


DSC_0414We all have gone through that pre-travel phase that’s embarked with curiosity levels that rise up and down exponentially with each POA element getting checked and crossed. The first day is always the best. Engulfed with surplus curiosity, our hearts tend to forget everything that’s moving beside us and we move into the world of Daydream Traveling. Happiness rises and so does anticipation. These are followed by Google searches, tourism site visits, economic fare check on travel sites and various blog readings that answer questions like Why you should travel young? and why you should date a guy who travels and buzz feed articles that tell you about 27 places to visit before you die. This results into a strong endorphin flow in the body that pump us up and sets us for a journey. We are ready to Explore. Dream. Discover. and have no regrets.

Famous author Sir Mark Twain once said,

” Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

We all have our reasons to travel and we make full-proof plans to accomplish them. Almost everyone loves to set sail. When people move they realize how small there problems are, how huge and astonishing the world is, and how equally amazing are the people that live in it. And then there are plans. I have friends who have plans to visit every single country and they are quite serious about it. But frankly, I doubt it. Not because I don’t believe in their pockets or their ability to wander but because they are just “planning” and planning is fatal to travelers. Planners are tourists, travelers are adventurers. 

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of pre-planning a travel. I feel it completely destroys the motive of motion which is to rediscover, explore and seek experiences. When we plan we put limits to what we can do and what we can achieve. What if you already knew what restaurants you are going to visit? What if you already knew what food you’ll be eating, what people you’ll be meeting, what places you’ll be exploring, and what you’ll be doing at each point of time while you are out. Well frankly, it’s stupid. In life, we are already so restricted with our daily routine that we hardly breathe. We have a fixed time for shitting, a fixed time for waking up, sleeping, talking on phone, meeting friends, working etc. Hence, agenda setting for a travel is the worst thing you can do in the whole wide world.

There’s this epic line that sums up every travel plan and puts it into dustbin: “But, I need to… and I don’t have time”. And bang. Everything dies off. All endorphin recede back and we are left with a feeling of disgust. “I’ll never be able to travel. There is so much work”- this is one of the most common lines we hear. If you know, there’s never going to be the right time to travel. There’s never going to be any planning that’s going to take you to discover and explore. If you want to travel then you will have to make time. It’s that simple. Someone rightly said this amazing sentence:”Remember, all the things you wanted to do in life but thought you never had time?  Go do them.

Plain and simple. For the essence of a travel, you need to make time. You’ll never be this young again and you’ll never have enough resources as you have now. Everything will recede with time. So don’t wait for the right time to make travel happen.


If you really want to travel, shut up and book tickets.



You won’t expect and it’ll flip 180 degree. Such is life.

Just an year back, I was a regular guy with dreams, aspirations, passion written all over my desktop wallpaper. That was a time when I was fooling around with friends more than I was investing in books or so to say anything informative.

Though, the theories of time management and maintaining to-do lists that consisted of properly prioritized, purpose oriented, clearly defined sets of task and all that management jargon used to tick me and I did find time for them. It used to tick me whenever I used to think that an opportunity will knock my door and provide me a platform to put all this theory to use and that I’ll club it with my altruistic personality and make a dent in the universe. I wanted it to happen one day. I wanted it to happen soon. But a little did I know, that soon had a date: 11th September 2012.

With hindsight I remember, I woke up to the chirp of birds that day. Not much has changed in this context I suppose because I have the same alarm ringtone currently as well. Still that day was a little different than the rest. I had two assignments to prepare and I was awaiting the result of fellowship. With no hopes in the basket for both the things, the day covered a constant wavelength of boredom. I got back from college and turned on my PC for a regular dose of visual information intake. And then the magic happened. 

I have a very vivid memory of it. At 7 P.M. sharp the regional director of Make A Difference called me up and told me that I was recruited for their fellowship program. I could feel her words “Congratulations, you’re the new PR fellow” move down my esophagus slowly and robustly into my stomach to create a state of panic inside it. It was such a surreal moment, such a magical situation that I Drawing Competition 2ran out of my house in underpants. The beauty of that moment was that the it was there to stay.

And It did stay to flip my life 180 degree  



It’s almost here!

The examination flight is arriving on 27th Nov. I am slightly scared about how I am going to receive the shock because I am very sure that the judgement day is going to be handled extemporaneously. Though, preparation phase is in execution and the flame is strong (at least of the thought that graduation matters) but I majorly doubt the intensity of it. The concentration technique on the course material is not really working because this – fuckerova university examination- is undoubtedly sucking the life out of me and how!

In the last few days, my productivity level has decreased exponentially like a sudden economic crisis. Procrastination seems to be a major occupant of the daily routine, sleep cycle has had a 180 degree flip, food intake is on the summit and with the amount of sleep my body is receiving, I might soon become an unproductive-inefficient-insomniac-fatso.

But while all this shit is taking place, the only bright side of life is that I am sticking to the daily schedule of reading. Since even being in periphery of a paperback is haunting me (exams do that) I am fighting back by reading online. Some of the websites like Litemind, Cracked and Youtube channels like MentalFloss, BigThink, Vsauce, Numberphile, CrashCourse etc are insane in content and detailing and they help a lot. These resources can set any sapiosexual’s mood to fun right away. They also provide an amazing learning opportunity if one can form a mind map or a mental palace of all the information by let’s say designing a room named “Sapio’s dorm” in the palace and visiting it once in a while.

I would have written more but I am lazy and sleepy but since this is a public blog, I’ll leave some inspiration in my last sentence. This inspiration is more of a random realization while a rigorous retrospection that happened a few days back.

It says: No matter what phase we’re in or state of mind or situation, there’s always a chance to learn. Only question is, are we resilient enough? And. Not sleepy?



It’s taking my time.

Backspace. Delete. Words. Sen…Backspace. Delete.

I am in a very active state of mind right now. Words are flowing out of the shell but I am constantly rubbing them on the floor. Backspace has been hit so much that I can see my fingerprints on it. Or wait. Is it just me “noticing” that I am using backspace more than ever? Well, whatever maybe the case I am executing my goal and so far so good. Now, I am almost on the verge of completing a paragraph and it’s a pretty insane feeling.

And I think I did well.