One of the most important things we should do before taking a job is to define clear expectations.

Often, the end picture is blurry for individuals on both ends of the spectrum — and this becomes a perfect recipe for misunderstanding and chaos.

Humans are wired to over-promise. You take up a project wanting to shoot for the moon — no matter if you haven’t still figured out where you will get the fuel from.

Why? Because it feels good. The feeling of achieving an ideal target is a state of bliss. But unfortunately, moment driven passion & emotion always get the better of us and don’t necessarily project reality.

What can we do combat this?

Set the right expectations. Under-promise; over-deliver.

Here's How You Can Become More Productive

Creator Vs Consumer


The story of your life depends on who you choose to be.

We have a constant stream of information that we can access 24 x 7. We are actively tuned into what’s happening in the world. We jump from content piece to another; consuming whatever we can to understand our place in the world.

We are consuming things at an unbelievable rate. But where’s it all going?

It’s important now more than ever to draw a line between creation and consumption. To be of value, an action is a necessary condition.

The first move to move a mountain is moving yourself.

Nobody created a dent in the universe by actively consuming content.

Rule: Consume one, Create five.