An Idea For Your Next Writing Marathon ✍️

Source: Aaron Burden

Put the phone down 📵

Better: Don’t bring it anywhere near you. Keep it in another room.

Best: Switch it off.

Until this point, you have checked all the notifications you can.

Facebook? Check! Twitter? Check! Instagram? Check? Dropbox? Check! WhatsApp? Check! E-mail? Check! Product Hunt? Check! Snapchat? Check!

You have given enough attention to your phone.

Nope. Nobody’s calling you. Your ear’s simply buzzing. Don’t worry.

That WhatsApp notification can wait. I know it just beeped a few minutes back and you want to finish reading this fast so you can move on to check it.

But hold on. Resist the urge. You are not missing on anything. Really.

Give yourself a tiny break.



It will be hard but it’s going to be worth it.

The worst thing you can do to you craft is not giving it the attention it deserves. Don’t lose something meaningful by robbing it off the time and effort it needs.

To craft a meaningful piece of work, you need focus, attention, and courage. If you do it right, your best writing will happen.

It shows when someone puts all their senses into creating a story. So don’t write a story with only half of your heart in it. It deserves a definite full.

Give a break to your phone. It needs it. You need it.

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