21 Tools & Resources To Help You Create Stellar Designs

Tools & Resources to create stellar designs

Whether you are an experienced designer or a beginner, it is always good to know the tools and resources that can help take your creativity to the next level for you to produce eye-catching marketing materials.
Here are 21 tools and resources that will inspire creativity and assist with your design needs:

Graphics can boost up your company’s game

1. Canva

Have you ever wanted to become a designer but didn’t know where to start? Canva is here to help!

Use it for: Simple to complicated design needs. It has an ever-growing library of templates that will inspire your creative side. You can even use its search tool to find images for your collateral.

Bonus: Canva runs an insightful blog called Design School that can teach you tips and tricks to designing beautiful collateral.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe spark has pre-defined templates you can use to create beautiful graphics. While it isn’t as sophisticated as Canva, it is slowly getting there.

Adobe spark

Use it for: Social media graphics or quotes. It is fast, easy, and made for beginners.

Bonus: Check out how you can create videos, and web stories.

3. Pablo by Buffer

Do you have a testimonial or quote you would like to publish to your social channels?

Pablo offers simple social media graphic creation by providing access to more than 600K images, including various font styles, and a one-click reshaping tool.

Pablo by Buffer

Use it for: Quotes of the day and featured images for your blog and social media channels.

Bonus: Use Pablo in conjunction with your Buffer account to create and schedule your social posts in one sitting!

4. Design Feed

Design Feed is still in beta. However, the web app is promising and definitely worth a test run.

There are three basic steps to creating designs:

  • Choose a headline
  • Choose a subtitle
  • Choose a button

Design Feed — Starting a design

Using this information, Design Feed will populate various images — creating beautiful, ready-to-use designs in seconds.

Create designs in one click


Use it for: Quick designs for blog titles, quotes, or any text overlay image design.

Bonus: You don’t need to create designs for multiple platforms. Just like Adobe Spark, Design Feed will adjust the size of your design to comply with all major social media platforms.

5. Infogram

Infogram offers an easy and quick way to create beautiful infographics.

The drag and drop functionality, along with the ability to source data from multiple channels,, will make your life easy.

With Infogram, you can create an Infographic in 3 easy steps:


Use it for: Creating data-rich infographics quickly and easily with ready-to-use templates.

Bonus: With Infogram, you can also create charts and maps.

6. Piktochart:

Piktochart is a great option for easy infographic creation.

It offers several free and premium templates to choose from, a drag and drop feature, and a Canva-like interface that makes creating an infographic a piece of cake.

Piktochart for Infographics

Use it for: Creating fully customizable infographics. While Infogram has amazing templates to choose from, their platform is geared more toward beginners. Piktochart is created for more experienced designers and provides the option to fully customize infographics based on brand guidelines.

Bonus: You can also create entire presentations and printables through Piktochart. Check out Picktochart’s inspiring blog for design tips and tricks.

7. Venngage

While Piktochart is easy to use and offers numerous customizations, Venngage excels at data entry and manipulation. Apart from options to add charts and visuals, Venngage let’s you choose templates that fit a particular category or topic such as tutorials, comparison charts and checklists.

Venngage for Infographics, Reports, Posters and more

Use it for: Infographics that are data heavy.

Bonus: You can also create reports, posters, promotion, and social media graphics!

8. Adioma by Anna Vital

Adioma was started by Anna Vital who leads at Funders and Founders. Her designs are visual and easily consumable. One of the best examples of her infographic designs is: “How Elon Musk Started”.

Adioma allows you to easily switch templates without losing work, provides simple samples to help you get started, along with a large gallery of icons and illustrations for you to choose from.

Adioma for cool infographics with illustrations

Use it for: Clean, neat, easy-to-read infographics.

Bonus: View examples of infographics created by the creators of Adioma on their site, Funders and Founders.


9. Design School

Daily design articles, interactive tutorials and awesome tips from the folks who run Canva.

Design School by Canva

10. Muzli Design Inspiration

Muzli offers design inspiration from around the web and includes a Chrome extension that will transform your “new tab” into a resource for new, cutting-edge designs. They call Muzli “crack for designers” and rightly so.


11. Dribbble

Dribbble is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design.

12. Behance

Behance — a part of the Adobe family — is a leading online platform used by people to create, and discover the best in art and creativity. Visit it to seek inspiration and keep up with the latest trends in design.

13. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Color (formerly known as Adobe Kuler) is a super fast color schemes generator. Adobe Color let’s you to try out, create, and save color schemes based on various color rules. With Adobe Colors, you will never struggle to choose the right color scheme again.

Adobe Kuler

14. Type Anything, 15. Font Flame, 16. Google Fonts

With these resources, you can learn more about what font type best suits your needs. Google fonts is an interactive directory of some of the best free fonts available over the web. Type Anything and Font Flame on the other hand are free resources you can use to test and create font combinations.

Font Flame, Google Fonts, and Type Anything

17. Pixabay, 18. Unsplash, 19. Pexels

Get stock photos for free! Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels are treasure troves of beautiful stock images. With these resources, you will never struggle to find the perfect image again.


20. Noun Project, 21. Icon Finder

Often it is important to find the right icon for your pitch deck, infographic, or social media graphic. Noun Project and Icon Finder make it easy for you to access a huge library of icons for free.

Noun Project

Bonus: Hack Design — an easy-to-follow course that provides a design lesson in your inbox each week, hand-crafted by a design pro. Learn at your own pace and apply to your work.

Design can be tricky at times . But, there are plenty of resources to help you. Bookmark this article, use of the above mentioned tools and resources, and you will never have to depend on someone to create designs for you.


Originally published on Hearst Bay Area

Published by Prateek Keshari

Greetings, I’m Prateek. I’m a Digital Marketer at HCL Technologies living in New Delhi, India. I have a deep interest in marketing, psychology, and startups. In my free time, I experiment with design, photography and video-editing. I will be happy to connect with you on Twitter (@prateekkesharii) or LinkedIn (in/prateekkeshari)

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