The Art Of Getting Good At Something

Taking up random jobs or projects where you have no experience is under-rated. Here’s why

There is a a random project or job that sits at your desk. It doesn’t have a clear road-map, or worse yet, it doesn’t even align to your current skills. What do you do?

Most of us have a fear of taking up new things. This happens because it’s an unknown territory. From an evolutionary standpoint, this looks like a pretty good strategy.

“Don’t do scary stuff and you will not be eaten for lunch”

However, we are far more evolved to take up that bullshit, don’t you agree?

Personally, I have taken up jobs and projects with almost no idea of how I am going to take them from A to B. With zero experience, I still dived in. The fear of unknown has always made a strong effort to drag me down, but to hell with it.

Was I foolish? Maybe.

Did I fail? Yes.

Did I learn anything new? More than I asked for.

“Unknown” is a magical place where nothing magical happens. It is the same place where businesses die, organizations fail, and people die of boredom.

Don’t know how to write? Reach out to a friend who needs some writing help and tell them you are going to write for them. Better yet, write for them and show it.

Will you be amateurish? Yep.

Will you sound bad? Maybe.

Will you learn something? 100%.

Will you be ridiculed? If yes, quit the friendship.

Don’t know how to code? Take up a friend’s project who wants to get his portfolio made online.

Don’t know how to design? Reach out to a small business and help them out with social media creatives.

Don’t know how to do videos? Reach out to a business who wants to up their video game and create short videos for them.

The point is simple: If you want to get good at something, take up a project for someone and go do it. Do it even when you have no idea of you are going to do it. If you fail, you will end up learning something, and that is equally valuable.

You will not become an expert — no — but you would have started on a journey of constant learning and growth. And that is invaluable.

There are tonnes of free resources available all over the internet. There are hundreds of websites that need you to come over and learn in exchange for your attention. Give them your attention!

If anything goes wrong, trust yourself on this — “You will figure it out”.

Tell me a story of how YOU figured it out, how you learned something all on your own and defeated the “unknown” monster. Can’t wait to hear!

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Published by Prateek Keshari

Greetings, I’m Prateek. I’m a Digital Marketer at HCL Technologies living in New Delhi, India. I have a deep interest in marketing, psychology, and startups. In my free time, I experiment with design, photography and video-editing. I will be happy to connect with you on Twitter (@prateekkesharii) or LinkedIn (in/prateekkeshari)

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