Show Your Idea In Action

Source: Giphy

Recently, I was in a ⚡ discussion with one of my colleagues. We had stumbled upon a ground-breaking idea

Immediate action? Share with the management. After all, what good an idea if it rests in your head? But, after a brief thought, we decided against that.

We stopped for a moment and evaluated our past briefings. We found that whenever we communicated our ideas verbally, the idea conversion rate was incredibly low. Each person had a different opinion and question.

  • How will the idea work?
  • What will the strategy be?
  • And the crown jewel of marketing jargon — “Where’s the ROI in this?”

Then, we tried visuals. We communicated in photos, graphics, statistical graphs, and showed how the elements connected. Idea Conversion Rate went up, but now, people wondered if they were falling for the beautiful shit syndrome.

Where we wrong?

We found out that a few can understand the core of an idea when you communicate it verbally. A good part of them understand when you show it visually. But, everyone understands your idea only when you show it in action.

So what did we do? We MVP’d the shit out of it and presented it. What happened next isn’t so shocking but gives a valuable lesson.

Show your idea in action!

Published by Prateek Keshari

Greetings, I’m Prateek. I’m a Digital Marketer at HCL Technologies living in New Delhi, India. I have a deep interest in marketing, psychology, and startups. In my free time, I experiment with design, photography and video-editing. I will be happy to connect with you on Twitter (@prateekkesharii) or LinkedIn (in/prateekkeshari)

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