How To Have A Beautiful Mind

A not-so-boring book review. Or maybe?

My first Edward de Bono book was Six Thinking Hats. I read it while I was in college and was fortunate enough to facilitate a group of individuals applying the principles laid out in the book.

When I saw it in action, I realized there are indeed multiple ways to look (and have) an idea. When presented with any idea, we have the data driven point of view, there’s creativity, emotions, critique and optimism — all these the pillars of what’s called the Six Thinking Hats.

Impressed by the works of it, I did have high expectations from this book. Was I disappointed? Not really.

You might get attention but you will never be able to keep that attention

Edward de Bono has written this book in the most simplest of words; words that give you an illusion that you are journeying through a novel. But if that’s going to be the case, this book would be a terrible deal.

How To Have A Beautiful Mind talks about how we as people can become a little more creative in our lives when it comes to nurturing our mind. A gamut of topics — from the art of disagreeing to how to have a conversation that delights — are explored in this book.

It’s quite repetitive as the central theme remains the same all around the book. Then again, repetition helps plant the idea in the most interesting way. Many points are introduced in early stages and explored in depth in separate chapters. Neat!

So why would this book be a terrible deal if you read it like a novel? Well, because the point is that the ideas laid out grow with you and your experiences. I felt a little differently about “how to disagree” in my first reading that I did after reading the same chapter before reviewing it here.

So, with experiences, this book evolves and gives you more perspective. If you don’t come back to it after sometime, you haven’t really benefited from it.

They say that if you can grab one important idea or lesson from a book then it was worth reading it. In this case, I have gotten two from this one of which I was previously aware but never found vital for a beautiful mind.

Those two ideas — which also serve as individual chapters are of alternatives & opinions. I still don’t understand them perfectly (maybe they will evolve with experiences?) but they did color the perspective in ways I would love to explore in the coming days.

The content is as such that most people can skim through the book and would still stand on the same grounds as someone (like me) who has read this one page by page; word by word.

It’s a good reading for anyone who aims to become a little better — personally, professionally and as a part of a community as well.

A reminder for myself — come back at it again!

Published by Prateek Keshari

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