Why you should get an Engineering Degree?

The sure shot formula for success.

An engineering degree is one of the most respectable piece of paper in India. It entitles a student to a world of opportunities such as a suitable marriage partner, a 9-5 job, respect among relatives and an MBA post graduation to name a few. Every engineering degree also gives a student an opportunity to settle down at home permanently and have fun playing FIFA or watching Game of Thrones.

Unlike other degrees that only people who are weird opt for, engineering is a degree that appeals to the masses. If you are not into arts, literature, philosophy, psychology, economics, journalism or any other weird career then boy, we have a career for you. The importance of engineering can be stated by the fact that if there’s an airplane crash in India, there’s a 95 % probability that it will crash into an engineering college.

But the real beauty and importance of an engineering degree lies in the process of getting to it. The process involves four years of everyday chants of professors who regard you as the brightest of minds on the campus and offer you with jaw-dropping grades; quite literally. It also becomes a platform for learning essential life-skills such as: how to rote with excellency, live a life of insomnia, Sycophancy 101, Test-taking, and the art of a great nod to about almost everything.

Engineering degree can also be highly regarded as one of the most mind-expanding degrees ever. Some few 100 tests with a few 100 exams along with endless lectures, unique job opportunities and non-stop poetic recitals of course-book material expand you and your mind so much that you become sort of like a balloon waiting to be pinned. One tiny little pin around, and skadoosh! But given the sort of protection every engineering degree offers to the students through immense practical knowledge of failure in tests, semester back-logs, low attendance nightmares and grading-syndrome, it happens to successfully shield you against crappy pressure of relatives and suckophile friends. Hence, it is not a bad deal for some 5 -10 Lakh all right.

In conclusion, if you are in final year of college, always remember you are special just like the other few millions. Soon, the world is going to be a cake-walk since in order to move on to the next phase expected of you, you will have a paper-document that certifies that you are capable of work.

Work ticket

While other weird people go and do stupid things like reading, traveling, writing, following their passion, loving their fellow humans, and making a dent in the universe etc, please maintain your sanity and go for the extra paycheck or work credit. After all, that’s what you have been taught — every credit matters. Now be a good student and apply it to the real world.


Good luck!

Published by Prateek Keshari

Greetings, I’m Prateek. I’m a Digital Marketer at HCL Technologies living in New Delhi, India. I have a deep interest in marketing, psychology, and startups. In my free time, I experiment with design, photography and video-editing. I will be happy to connect with you on Twitter (@prateekkesharii) or LinkedIn (in/prateekkeshari)

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